Blooming alpine roses in Tyrol, Austria by Martin Fischhaber

Blooming alpine roses in Tyrol, Austria by Martin Fischhaber

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June in the Austrian Tyrol - John MacWhirter


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~ Henry David Thoreau

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LOTR Tarot: by ~sceithailm

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updated May 14th: Justice

editing to add a few more from the set: 

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‘Arete is simply excellence and the striving for excellence in all things,’ said Odysseus. ‘Arete simply means the act of offering all actions as a sort of sacrament to excellence, of devoting one’s life to finding excellence, identifying it when it offers itself, and achieving it in your own life. […] Eating? Eat as if it were your last meal. Prepare the food as if there were no more food! Sacrifices to the gods? You must make each sacrifice as if the lives of your family depended upon your energy and devotion and focus. Loving? Yes, love as if it were the most important thing in the world, but make it just one star in the constellation of excellence that is arete.’
Dan Simmons, Ilium   (via zerogate)
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